London Music Hall Choir

Come and join London's first and only music hall choir!
We sing original choral arrangements of songs from
the golden age of the Music Halls and more.

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We are the London Music Hall choir. We sing songs that were sung in the Music Halls of the East End of London and other related repertoire.

Music Hall songs are great! They’re funny, irreverent, sentimental and filled with interesting bits of local vernacular, history and culture.

Each week we meet up to learn new songs and sing through our growing repertoire. We learn the songs by ear so there’s no need to read music to be part of the choir.

We are a non-audition choir and welcome singers of all ability and experience levels. Come and have a ding dong with us. It’s great fun.

We are a performing choir but taking part in gigs is optional and you're welcome to join the choir just to sing at the sessions


The London Music Hall Choir is now available for bookings.

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Why join our choir?

Gus Elen

Fun to Sing

Taking part in a choir is fun, healthy, educational and a great way to meet new people.

The songs we sing range from funny satirical songs like "Wot Cher" to more earnest sentimental tunes such as "The Boy I love".

Ela Shields

Open to all

All the songs in the choir are taught by ear so there's no need to read music.

We are a non-audition choir and open to singers of all abilities and confidence levels.

Dan Leno

Local to London

Many of the songs we sing contain local references, vernacular slang and jokes that are still very recognisable to anyone living in London today.

Marie Llyod

Well Led

The choir is led by experienced music workshop leader and banjo player
Ed Hicks

Ed's sessions are both fun and musically exciting.

Next Session

We have now returned to singing in real life again!

We sing term time Mondays between 19:00 and 21:00

at the Brady Arts Centre, 192-196 Hanbury St, London E1 5HU

If you'd like to join us get in touch

Contact us

0797 1919 687